Daria Kholodnykh in Kharkov

On August 3 a master class from the Magnificent Daria Kholodnykh, a make-up and body art artist, was held in Kharkov. Daria used a model to show transformation of the makeup: from pure beauty into the commercial evening make-up, that was transformed in its turn into the art-fashion one. The complete image was bright, original and inspired to create ones own creative make-ups. I’ve learned a small piece of Dasha’s brand secrets, but mostly everything was simple, just like all brilliant is. Besides, Daria told about new cosmetic products, because recently she visited the exhibition in London, and about the old ones, but much loved and trusted. Now I’m more familiar with the pigments and liptar OCC, with which one can realize any creative makeup. Although, the more master classes you attend, the less working details covered with curtain of mystery leaves. But there is an inspiration from new creative ideas that always counts.

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